Chassis Control Systems | rFpro

Test drive your Control Systems

rFpro allows engineers at workstations and professional test drivers in rFpro-equipped simulators to test and calibrate the control systems that affect vehicle dynamics (chassis, powertrain, driveline and ADAS) very early in the engineering process. For example, being able to test and calibrate stability control, traction control and torque vectoring in rFpro allows far more testing in extreme limit performance situations, without the need for expensive prototype cars, in safe, repeatable, controlled conditions.


Save money, reduce delays due to late design changes

Using rFpro involves professional test drivers while the car is still at the model-based engineering stage. This delivers time and cost savings, reduces risk and allows far more testing of many more design directions within a given timescale compared to traditional real car testing.


Accurate Correlation with real-World testing

rFpro’s high resolution TERRAIN SERVER, with 1cm-resolution real-time road surfaces, mean that the vehicles are being tested on accurate, representative copies of OEM test facilities and Proving Grounds, as well as on digital road models of test routes on public roads. The fast, high quality graphics mean that the professional test driver is completely immersed and in full control of the vehicle.


Vehicle Dynamics Capable

rFpro is unique, as a driving simulator solution, in allowing the testing of vehicle dynamics on driving simulators. This is a very demanding use case requiring accurate high resolution road surfaces and very fast graphics so that there is no lag between driver input and test vehicle response.

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