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rFpro focuses on driving simulation for the engineering development of vehicle dynamics, ADAS and Autonomous control systems.

“AVL estimates that around 30% of costs incurred during development can be saved by using a DIL simulator,
with subjective feedback, allowing for better and more complete information
being available earlier in a vehicle program.”

Erik Bogner Dipl-Ing

Manager for Driveability and Simulation, Engineering & Technology,
Powertrains Systems Dept. AVL

“In the space of 10 days we were able to evaluate around 25 different vehicle configurations using three professional drivers. More importantly, because of the high fidelity visual cueing using rFpro software, driver immersion was very convincing which led to good correlation between their subjective ratings and the objective data. “

Guido Tosolin

Manager – Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics Simulation. Applus+ IDIADA