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rFpro in motorsport

rFpro originally started as a project within a Formula 1 team to deliver a driving simulator capable of delivering vehicle dynamics testing. Since 2007 rFpro has grown to support all the major motorsport categories including F1, NASCAR, WEC, Indy, IMSA, Formula E and Super-GT.

Although predominantly a tool for engineering development, set-up calibration and testing, some of our motorsport customers also make use of rFpro for driver training, particularly for complex steering-wheel controlled on-car systems.

Lap Replay and
Side-by-Side Analysis

rFpro’s ReplayServer can be setup to record every single test on your simulators, allowing you to replay laps, to compare drivers’ laps side by side, synchronised by distance or time. Recorded laps, or data from off-line simulation can be injected into the simulation as Ghost Cars, or as live traffic, to assist with testing of race starts, qualifying hot-laps and with learning new circuits.