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Add Traffic and Pedestrians to your testing

For many types of testing it is important to populate your virtual test routes with accurately modelled traffic and pedestrians, for example, the testing of ADAS and Autonomous systems, or simulated RDE test runs.

rFpro allows you to populate the virtual test world with intelligent traffic, from swarm tools such as SUMO and PTV-Vissim. It also allows you to create specific scenarios, such as a potential collision at an intersection, using tools such as CarMaker Traffic, or even under direct control via Simulink IO Block. rFpro passes the details of the human test driver’s car to the traffic systems, so that the intelligent traffic avoids and gives way to the vehicle under test.

It is also possible to network multiple rFpro simulators together so that several human test drivers may share the same virtual test route. Weather and atmospheric conditions, traffic and pedestrians are shared in real-time among all the rFpro simulators.


Swarm Traffic & Emergency Scenarios

rFpro supports running intelligent swarm traffic with off-the-shelf interfaces to SUMO, PTV-Vissim and other tools. You may also configure specific test scenarios and experiments using, for example, Carmaker traffic or our Traffic Simulink IO Block.


Train supervised-Learning Systems

Our weather and traffic interfaces are deterministic, so repeatable tests and experiments can be created, or repeated with controlled changes, to train deep learning systems and to provide a regression testing environment for AI driver models. Using rFpro and SUMO, hugely variant autonomous driving training data can be created. Watch our video to learn more;



Traffic and Pedestrians

Use professional traffic modelling software or build up scenarios yourself. Test ADAS and Autonomous systems, sharing the road with human test drivers, intelligently controlled traffic and pedestrians.

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