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Run On Cleaned LiDAR At Up To 5kHz

TERRAIN SERVER is designed for both DIL simulators and off-line simulation. It feeds high bandwidth cleaned LiDAR-scanned cloud point data to the model in real-time and at up to 5kHz. You have the option of either a volumetric interaction or a multi-disc, radial spoke tyre model.


Improved Ground Discontinuity Modelling

TERRAIN SERVER generates a smoother response at ground discontinuities, than other point sampling solutions, without the phase lag associated with a filtering approach to noisy point-sampled data. It captures detailed surface information that is missed by point-based sampling methods; it allows very high correlation with the actual road surfaces used during ‘real world’ testing.


Frequency Controlled – By Surface Type

Inbuilt frequency controls, separated by surface type, allow an incredibly high level of ground surface reproduction. Should you wish, you can achieve tighter frequency controls on the main driving surfaces or switch to allowing higher frequency inputs coming from other surface types.


Standard PC Hardware or 64-bit Real-Time Platforms

TERRAIN SERVER runs at up to 5kHz on standard PC hardware, so is suitable for both real-time and off-line simulations. Should you run on 64-bit real-time hardware, such as Concurrent, then we can run TERRAIN SERVERHD alongside your vehicle model, eliminating any external communication for this part of the system.


Modelling Options

Weighted Multisampling

  • Classical user defined multi-point 2D contact patch shape with individual point weighting
  • As with the higher fidelity volumetric method, below, a single height and normal vector can be calculated for use in Pacejka – Magic Formula based tyre models, either commercial or in-house managed

Volumetric Interaction

  • Your model provides position, orientation, radius and width, to define each tyre as a cylinder in space
  • TERRAIN SERVERHD integrates every point submerged within the cylinder and passes you back the position of the contact patch centre and the averaged normal of every point submerged within the cylinder.

Enveloping Model

  • Your model provides position, orientation, radius and width of each tyre, to define spatial location
  • TERRAIN SERVERHD passes back all the ground surface points beneath your tyre for processing by your own Enveloping Model.

Multi-Disc, Radial Spoke

  • You model the tyre as a number of radial spokes in a series of discs across the width of the tyre.
  • TERRAIN SERVERHD calculates and passes back to you the length and velocity of each spoke as it meets the contact patch.


HD Roughness Mapping

A unique, user-controlled feature that allows test engineers to provide their own HD surface profiles across a 2D area, e.g. adding a fully dimensionally controlled cobbled street into your road model. We have now released the capability for test engineers to control high frequency vertical inputs to their vehicle model, up to and above 100Hz.


Accurate contact patch centre for force resolution. 
Superior bandwidth and fidelity compared to a traditional point-based tyre contact patch, avoiding stepped inputs.
Ideal for driver-in-the-loop applications as the driver benefits from increased realism of the contact patch.
TERRAIN SERVER also works off-line allowing your vehicle models to benefit from high definition road surfaces for high frequency studies.

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