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Screen Design

We work with screens of all shapes and sizes, from compact 2m radius screens with stereo images to large 6m radius screens being fed by suitably large projectors. We’d be happy to talk through the numbers and options with you to suit your project. There’s more to it than just how big a room you have…

Many of our customers use 3, 5, 7 or 9 projection channels or 6, 10, 14 or 18 channels of 3D stereo projection. Field of view typically spans 180 to 230 degree on cylindrical projection screens, but you could project many tens of channels onto your screen to create huge resolution, stereo, wrap-around displays.



Warp & Blend – Hardware or Software

We work alongside all of the major suppliers of warp and blend calibration products, both hardware and software solutions, to create a single, optically correct image. You can get automatic and semi-automatic calibration systems to ensure your multi-channel images are always perfectly aligned and beautifully blended, edge-over-edge. Our warp and blend is performed on the GPU as the image is rendered, removing the need for a warp and blend box in the video pipeline, further improving the performance of the pipeline.


Projector Hardware

We don’t sell or recommend specific projector hardware, but we have worked on many graphics installations. The key specifications have to be high refresh rate (120Hz+), low latency, high resolution (at least HD or UltraHD), high brightness (scaling with screen size) and superior colour reproduction. Most of the simulator-grade projectors now offer automatic or semi-automatic colour matching routines for creating accurate “single image” outputs.

Immerse Yourself In Our World

When it’s time to take driver immersion to a fully professional level, rFpro’s complete solution stands clearly above anything else on the market. Multi-channel projector displays can be warped and blended onto your screen with the highest frame rates and lowest latency in mono (2D) or stereo (3D).

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