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Starting Your Simulator Journey

Starting your journey into driver-in-the-loop simulators can look like a daunting task at first sight.  At rFpro, we have the people and experience to help, support and advise you along the way. There is no better start than getting ‘up and running’ with an rFpro workstation, allowing your engineers and test drivers to begin to see how working with high fidelity environment models can really expand the horizon of your virtual testing world.

ADAS and Supervised Learning Autonomous Driving models may be trained and tested from the desktop.



Simple Hardware – Accurate Road Models

A high-powered PC workstation with the latest top-end consumer graphics card and adding rFpro software with an inexpensive set of driver controls is all you need to get started. From this you’ll be able to start exploring your vehicle model many levels above those you are used to with your current off-line vehicle modelling software, thanks to our highly controlled and accurate road surface inputs.


Invest At The Start – Benefit For Years To Come

As your simulator project grows, rFpro is there to support you at each step. Investing at the beginning means you can use the same software and environment models at your rFpro workstation today as you’ll be using in a few years’ time on your full motion platform simulator.

Workstation Plus

Many users quickly upgrade their new development tool. Your rFpro workstation can drive a number of screens (typically 1-3) from the same graphics card, with the limit being the power of the hardware. Enhance these with a suitable driving seat or basic cockpit and you have the start of a static simulator; what we call “workstation-plus”.

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