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Add Motion

We work with the vendors of all the vehicle-dynamics-capable motion platforms, to offer complete turn-key solutions. Please see our Partners page to link through to our Systems integrators: Ansible, Anthony Best Dynamics and MTS.



Motion Compensated Graphics

As the motion platform moves the driver relative to the projection system, rFpro’s Dynamic Eye-Point correction reshapes the graphics in real-time so that they remain optically correct. rFpro also offers both Head-Tracking and Gaze-Tracking solutions.

Stereo Graphics
The best 3D stereo performance is always with a passive system as the frame rate is doubled; active stereo systems share alternate frames between left and right eyes. rFpro automatically adjusts the rendering of each projection channel to match the left and right eyes.


Head Tracking, Gaze Tracking

When matched with Head Tracking, our 3D Stereo solution ensures the stereo separation follows the driver’s head, maintaining the correct distance between the left and right images wherever the driver’s head is facing. A gaze tracking system also allows you to more closely monitor driver behaviour for Human factors, HMI and cabin ergonomics studies.

Motion Platforms

We’ve delivered track modelling and graphics solutions to complement motion platforms from all of the vehicle-dynamics-capable hardware manufacturers and integrators. Be it from the very start of the project, working closely with the project integrators, or later as an upgrade to an already delivered system, we’ve shown we are truly platform independent. We do not recommend a single platform, but would be happy to introduce you to a selection of the partners we work with most often.

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