Test Routes | rFpro

Bring the world to you.

We use the highest quality LiDAR scans, highly refined data processing and a team of dedicated, skilled and award winning modellers. The results are the highest accuracy, validated, road surfaces and graphical models on the market.

We have built race and test tracks covering the major race series, F1, NASCAR, IndyCar, WEC, DTM, IMSA, Formula E and add to this list every month. We build real road test routes and proving grounds across the continents. If we don’t already have what you want, we can produce the full solution, from scan to delivered circuit model.

Transport your driver onto the test track

rFpro’s dedication to delivering the highest fidelity environment models mean you will benefit from a very high level of correlation with the real world.

The high level of detail in the road surface and scenery helps your test drivers to feel more immersed and perform consistently across multiple A-B tests allowing you to achieve statistically significant test results more quickly.

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