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Learn more from Gjon Camaj, our VP of Technical Sales, about how this steep, narrow, twisting road presented a number of challenges to our surfacing team. A strikingly different road model to our urban and autobahn variations, K4556 forms an essential part of our Germany Road Models series.  

What are the key features or challenges of this location?

The K4556 is a steep hillside location with narrow roads, full switch-back turns and is without centre lane markings. These features presented some challenges to our surfacing team as they sought to cleanly produce the tight switch-backs. The road is flanked by dense woodland so vehicles pass in and out of large shadowed areas. This involved us having to replicate rapidly changing light conditions throughout.  It was also difficult to recreate this densely wooded road without impacting on the performance of the model. 


What are the special technical features of the model?

Achieving all of the above! Despite the challenges presented when producing a model of such a location, the team produced an impressive model, strikingly different to our urban and autobahn models.


What are the benefits to customers of using this model?

Our road models offer high levels of correlation between the real and virtual world, ensuring that algorithms, trained on our models, perform well in the real world. It’s therefore hugely important for engineers to train and test their ADAS (automated driver-assistance systems) and Deep Learning Autonomous Driver models across a variety of digital locations and this model presents a multifaceted, challenging driving environment.


What types of vehicle components and sensors have been developed using this model?

With its steep climbs and descents, this model is incredibly useful for steering system development, powertrain calibrations, auto-gearbox tuning and brakes development. And as mentioned earlier, the winding roads and rapidly changing light conditions are excellent for ADAS and autonomous vehicle development.

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