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If you’re looking to challenge your ADAS systems with blind corners, dense woodland and steep hillside roads then look no further than our digital road model of Bettenfeld, Germany. Nick Harrison, rFpro Development Director gives us a brief insight into this rural location.  

What are the key features or challenges of this location?

Bettenfeld is a large, scenic, closed-loop route of 18km. It’s drivable in both directions with single lanes each way, featuring a mix of rural and village roads, open fields and closed forest. It has steep, hillside switch-back road sections, all in this one loop.


What are the special technical features of this model?

When it was built, this was our largest single loop model. Like many of our models, it has since been updated repeatedly with the very latest rFpro technology.


What are the benefits to customers of using this model?

Bettenfeld has a large variety of common rural driving roads in one area. LiDAR scanning of this route ensured detailed coverage of its blind corners, dense woodland and steep hill side roads. All such features present many challenges for ADAS systems and AD vehicles which can be successfully tested and correlated with the real world in this one model.

We have many digital track and road models with our Germany series being just one of our available collections. Explore the Digital Road Models section of our website or contact one of the team for more information.   

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