California Highway 1 | rFpro

Our model of the California Highway 1 is breathtaking and treacherous in equal measure. Regarded as not only one of the best road trips in the United States but also in the world, the coastal cruise down this major route is on many a bucket list. You can experience the beauty and peril of these roads in our accurate digital model…if you dare!


Our digital model of this breath taking location enables you to challenge your autonomous vehicle systems in a potentially hazardous stretch of single-lane, coastal road. The location is a mixture of straight and winding coastal roads and we have ensured that the far-reaching vistas have been produced to an exceptionally high level of definition. This ensures that the simulation experience is deeply steeped in the true reality of this specific location.


Technical Features

Lane keeping is essential on this stretch of road. Our model includes the consistent lane markings and reflector studs featured on these roads which are excellent for lane-keeping tests. Customers can also make use of the model’s paint degradation feature to wear away the road markings to further test their systems.

Despite its beauty, the California Highway 1 presents some very real dangers – to one side you have a dramatic cliff drop with minimal barriers in place for protection. And on the other, steep, high terrain presenting a number of treacherous blind corners.

Drivers and AI systems will need to react quickly to such conditions as well as the added hazard of objects in the road, such as cyclists or pedestrians heading for the state beach.


Customer benefits

Our models are extremely versatile, enabling customers to maximise their investment in simulation. A huge variety of safety tests can be performed within this one model alone and our customers tell us it is perfect for testing both left and right hand drive vehicles and systems. Most importantly, these tests can then be correlated in the real world at the exact same location if required.

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