LiDAR Survey | rFpro

rFpro has been developing an automated road building pipeline based on the use of kinetic LiDAR (laser scanning) technology since 2008. The starting point for any new road model is a contiguous LiDAR survey with geo-referenced spherical photography. Our road building process then runs in the Cloud on rented AWS servers to create the road surfaces and reference material used for the scenery in the completed 3D digital models.

HD Driving Surfaces

Accurate, high frequency, phase-based LiDAR is used to capture the road and kerb detail that can be critical for vehicle dynamics applications. Longer range Time-of-Flight LiDAR is used to capture the road side furniture and scenery. rFpro’s TerrainServer allows vehicle models to consume very detailed road surface data in real-time. An offline interface also exists for ride and durability studies that have no real-time requirement. Our standard solution represents the road surface as a 1cm grid in x,y, with sub-millimetre accuracy in z. It is possible to order road surfaces at 5mm resolution, however we must be informed in advance of this requirement as this is at the limit of LiDAR beam width resolution.

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