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Digital Road Models

rFpro offers a large library of off-the-shelf digital road models of proving grounds, public roads, test tracks and race circuits for F1, NASCAR, WEC, IMSA, Indy, Formula E and Super-GT.

Digital Road Models – public roads

rFpro has built ready to use, off-the-shelf models, of hundreds of kilometres of public roads across China, USA, Canada and Europe, including urban city centres, rural routes, highways and motorways. Please take a look at the videos and image galleries of just a few of our routes below to see how accurately modelled and realistic these scenes are.

For drivers testing aspects of vehicle dynamics, these models come with accurately modelled digital road surfaces, from kinetic LiDAR surveys, using rFpro’s TerrainServer to map the entire drivable surface to a 1cm grid along, and across, the road. Every bump, ripple and discontinuity will find its way through your tyre model into your vehicle under test.

For engineers training and testing their ADAS and Deep Learning Autonomous Driver models, these models offer a very high level of correlation between the real and virtual world, ensuring that your algorithms, trained on our models, perform well in the real world.


Paris Urban City Centre

This model includes mixed one-way and two-way urban roads with traffic signal controlled junctions, various road surfaces and junction types (roundabout, mixed, intersection, minor roads etc). The pedestrian routes have also been mapped and traffic signals for vehicles and pedestrians are fully integrated.


USA – Mixed Highway and Rural

From Connecticut in the US, this 44km loop, which is drivable in both directions includes divided dual carriageways, single carriageways, rural and suburban roads.

Shanghai City Centre

Another urban model, including a variety of roads from multi-lane urban highways to minor single lane backstreets, with a wide variety of junctions and traffic signal controlled intersections.

Winding Mountain Route

An extremely accurate model of a 4.5km climb, or descent, through twisting wooded hillside.

NÜrburgring Nordschleife test track

All 20.8km of, probably, the most famous test track in the world, reproduced with both physical and graphical accuracy.


Digital Circuit Models – Motorsport

rFpro also supports a number of major motor racing series, including F1, NASCAR, Indy, IMSA, Formula E, Super-GT and WEC. All our Digital Circuit Models are built from high quality kinetic LiDAR surveys (we never use static LiDAR) and include high resolution TerrainServer HDSurfaces that map the entire racing surface.  This includes kerbs, to a 1cm resolution grid height-map along and across the road, with 1mm accuracy. For the senior categories we offer a Circuit Maintenance Contract so that your investment in circuit models does not become out of date.

Please take a look at some of the image galleries below to see the level of detail achieved.

Baku – home of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, held for the first time in 2016

rFpro has built and maintains digital twins of the circuits of the entire F1 calendar.

Monaco – a lap of the Grand Prix circuit

The classic F1 circuit, part of which is now also used for Formula E.


All the ovals, all the road courses, plus test tracks, for all three NASCAR race series: