Press | rFpro

William Wang Kim – Automotive Weekly, China

“Software like this is a very important tool for globally developed cars”


Yogendra Pratap – Autobild, India

“While simulations on the other side of the table have moved forward rapidly, it was about time that external factors like advanced and precise road conditions could also be input with accuracy, and this is the best modeler yet.”


Yves Maroselli – Le Figaro, France

“Being able to integrate road surface characteristics, precisely, into a simulation tool is very significant progress over previous tools.”


Gábor Szécsényi – Az Auto, Hungary

“This accurate road surface modeling system helps manufacturers to adapt their world cars to local conditions all over the world, more precisely and more cost-effectively than ever before.”


Tomaz Porekar – Avto Magazin, Slovenia

“Go global, yet stay in the laboratory. So simple.”


Lorenzo Facchinetti – Auto, Italy

“The perfect example of how a tool developed for other purposes is able to assist in the development of a new car.”


Alvaro Sauras Alonso – Autofacil and CAR&Tecno, Spain

“Having a good quality simulation at a reasonable price is important, and will only become more and more fundamental. It enables medium and small companies to develop products with quality levels close to, or even better than the big names in this industry, and that’s great news for everyone.”


Marc Noordeloos – Freelance, USA

“Development improvements allowing companies to make progress before prototypes are built is a huge benefit. Add in the continued focus on improving handling dynamics combined with the popularity of global vehicles and rFpro’s latest advancement is a giant step forward.”


Carl Cunanan,C! Magazine – Philippines

“The Nurburgring is still as important as ever, and the improvement of products like that of rFpro allow for far more tuning and testing to be done on-site, before heading out to the real thing. A dramatic way to decrease costs while maintaining credibility, not to mention improving the product in general.”


John O’Brien, Vehicle Dynamics International – UK

“Replicating the entire Nordschleife, with a vertical tolerance of less than 1mm, is nothing short of incredible. The implications for simulators and other development software tools are significant, particularly as OEMs move toward truly ‘Global cars’ as part of their respective ranges. Anything that can help the correlation between real-world testing and simulator work is more than a worthy winner in this category.”

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