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“rFpro has a proactive and flexible approach as a supplier, always looking to improve their services to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Through rFpro’s Data Farming we can create an extensive number of driving scenarios, allowing the generation of very large variations in scenes, all through the investment in a single platform,” said Francisco Eslava-Medina, Project Manager at DENSO ADAS. “This allows us to quickly and cost-effectively generate the vast quantity of quality training data that is essential for certain product development phases of computer vision technologies, especially for neural networks for our autonomous vehicle technologies.”

Francisco Eslava-Medina
Project Manager, DENSO ADAS Engineering Services

“The software presents a radical shift in creating training data and is already accelerating the development of our autonomous vehicle systems.

Deep learning and AI are critical to the successful adoption of autonomous vehicles. It may not be reasonably possible to get to the standard required only through the use of manually annotated data sets. Data Farming will transform the way the industry develops autonomous vehicles.”

Alberto Broggi
General Manager, Ambarella (Italy)

“The trial of rFpro was so promising that we immediately put it to use in production-intent applications”

Giacomo Tortora

Head of Simulation, Ferrari

“In the space of 10 days we were able to evaluate around 25 different vehicle configurations using three professional drivers. More importantly, because of the high fidelity visual cueing using rFpro software, driver immersion was very convincing which led to good correlation between their subjective ratings and the objective data.”

Guido Tosolin

Manager – Chassis Development and Vehicle Dynamics Simulation. Applus+ IDIADA

“AVL chose rFpro software because it provides seamless integration of the vehicle model and the best level of immersive experience for the driver conducting the assessment testing, rFpro’s inherent strengths in low latency and high bandwidth make it the only viable solution for conducting DIL vehicle dynamics studies.”

Erik Bognor

Manager for Driveability and Simulation, Engineering & Technology, Powertrains Systems dept. AVL

“The VTI Sim IV coupled with rFpro software provides new possibilities for testing and tuning a vehicle’s basic dynamics characteristics, e.g. rapid testing of changes in suspension hard points, geometry etc. When testing the basic chassis settings of a new commercial vehicle, professional test drivers judged the VTI driving simulator IV, running rFpro software, to be a more sensitive tuning tool than pure track test tuning alone.”

Pia Lindstrom

Project Manager, VTI

“Using VTI’s advanced moving base simulator and rFpro software, test drivers were able to carry out tests that would have taken several weeks on the track in just a few days. The test matrix would not have been feasible to carry out on a real track.”

Jonas Jansson

Research Director, VTI

“The way in which TerrainServer captures every LiDAR scanned data-point within the tyre contact patch, and integrates them all to provide our vehicle model with accurate road input, improves correlation with our measured data and also feels more realistic for the driver.”

Giacomo Tortora

Head of Simulation, Ferrari

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