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Safer testing of ADAS and Autonomous systems

An rFpro driving simulator or Engineer’s Workstation can be used to test emergency scenarios with a human test driver, in complete safety. A further benefit of rFpro is that it makes it easy, and safe, to test ADAS and Autonomous control systems’ interaction with human drivers. This testing establishes the performance of the control systems despite inappropriate control inputs from human drivers inexperienced in vehicle control in an emergency situation.


Add realistic Traffic and Pedestrians

The use of an rFpro simulator allows testing with virtual pedestrians, cyclists and other hazards. Being able to test emergency scenarios in the laboratory shortens the test cycle as new control systems, algorithms and sensor models can be tested and calibrated in simulation, while still using human test drivers, without the need for physical testing in real cars. The savings in time and cost can be significant over the life of a project. The benefits of receiving feedback from professional test drivers earlier in the engineering process reduces risk and reduces delays later in the project.


Test Sensor Models, Algorithms and Control Systems

By running your sensor models, algorithms and control systems in an rFpro Engineer’s Workstation or driving simulator your engineers benefit from rFpro’s award winning Digital Road Models, built to extreme levels of accuracy, allowing you to conduct tests in simulation that will correlate very closely to real-world testing along the same public road test routes.

By carefully controlling virtual conditions such as weather, time of day, time of year, turbidity, quality of road markings, large amounts of testing can be done on extremely accurate copies of the real world, validating and calibrating algorithms.


Ground Truth and Sensor Fusion

rFpro also allows the testing to be further extended to add simulated Traffic into the simulated world, which allows not only testing and validation of algorithms against known ground truth, but also testing of sensor fusion against known Traffic object lists. A further benefit is that this testing can be combined with live real-time testing of the control systems that make use of the simulated data, allowing testing of the entire chain with a professional test driver in control of the test vehicle.


Accelerate testing, reducing risk and saving money

Because rFpro driving simulators are capable of testing vehicle dynamics, the entire ADAS tool chain may be tested in combination with the vehicle plant model, stability control and braking systems to evaluate emergency manoeuvres under human / ADAS control. Testing in rFpro may be software in the loop (SIL) or Hardware in the loop (HIL), so the combined capabilities offer very significant cost and time savings compared to real world testing.



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