Dynamic Solution

Motion Compensated Graphics

When a dynamic platform is brought into the loop, rFpro's full ability really shines. We have proven our dynamic eye point adjustment on many systems, allowing for the movement of the cockpit within your platform's motion envelope. Head tracking solutions can also be accommodated, ensuring that a truly accurate stereo experience can be delivered to the driver.

Stereo Graphics

Stereo (3D) graphics take immersion levels truly into another dimension. With a correctly adjusted warp blend solution and a simple eye separation control, you can adjust the effect on an individual basis if you wish. Marry this with our core features of ultra-low latency, high frame rate and high fidelity environment models and drivers report they've never felt so at home in a simulated world before.

Motion Platforms

We’ve delivered the track modelling and graphics solutions to complement motion platforms from nearly all of the major hardware manufactures and integrators. Be it from the very start of the project working closely with the project integrators, or later as an upgrade to an already delivered system, we’ve shown we are truly platform independent. We do not recommend a single platform, but would be happy to introduce you to a selection of partners we work most often with.