Dynamic Objects

Replay Server

Replay Server is our own product that allows you to record and replay a vehicle following any driving line or maneuver that you’ve driven in the rFpro environment. This allows you to build up testing scenarios for things like over-taking studies or driving training.

If you have a specific Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing requirement that professional traffic modelling software doesn’t support then you can record, replay and build up the scenario yourself, before simulating your autonomous car running inside the full rFpro environment.

Professional Traffic Modelling

Modelling of the behavior of traffic has become an essential element in the simulation of safety systems and the development of autonomous driving technology.

rFpro is able to wrap around your professional traffic software, allowing it to inject up to 100 additional vehicles or objects into the environment.

This allows for testing ADAS solutions with a human driver in the loop, opening up the possibility of studying the complex situations around driver handovers or emergency hand-backs. Couple this with a full motion platform to allow for vehicle control studies and you’ll have the complete tool-chain for developing solutions for the most fast growing area in road-car development.

Modelling Additional Vehicles

If you model your own additional vehicles then our API or Simulink blocksets will allow you to inject these yourself back into the rFpro environment.

ADAS Studies

Use professional traffic modelling software or build up scenarios yourself. Developing ADAS with rFpro allows for our high fidelity road information to be fed to your vehicle model. You’ll get superior vehicle dynamics behavior and our low latency graphics pipeline keeps your real life driver in the loop, ready to take control.