We lead the way in producing highly accurate, vehicle dynamics grade, real-road simulator models. This is only achievable thanks to the uptake of ground based LiDAR scanning.

We use a worldwide network of partners employing the latest techniques to capture road surface and surrounding details. Phase-based scanners give highly accurate data for the critical road and kerbside surfaces. Time-of-flight scanners enable us to position and size the surrounding scenery to an incredible level of accuracy. Combine these with fully referenced high resolution photography and we acquire the unbeatable data that forms the basis of our track models.

HD Driving Surfaces

We can deliver driving surfaces to a resolution of 5mm x 5mm in X & Y and 1mm in Z. This is only possible because of our highly refined data processing of LiDAR survey data. This cleaned data is then used inside our Terrain Server to deliver road surfaces to your vehicle model at higher input frequencies - will full frequency controls by surface type available.