Driver in the loop

rFpro is specialist software for vehicle dynamics development offering low latency and high bandwidth solutions for professional driver in the loop (DIL) simulation applications allowing you to reintroduce the human test driver into the model based development process.

Driver-In-The-Loop simulators for vehicle dynamics engineering

rFpro is being used for driver-in-the-loop simulation by OEMs and T1s in North America, Asia and Europe as well as in motorsport by most of the F1 teams and a number of LMP and NASCAR manufacturers.

rFpro focuses on simulators for engineering development of vehicle dynamics and the control systems and active safety systems that affect vehicle dynamics.  This specialised area of driver-in-the-loop simulation is all about closing the loop through the driver and the vehicle model as quickly as possible while delivering a high quality and immersive environment.

rFpro is adapted to the specific requirements of vehicle dynamics engineering through its low latency and high bandwidth technology supported by: the fastest video & audio pipelines; a high-resolution real-time road surface model and an optically correct off-platform vision system optimised for motion profiles suited to ride and handling development.

Our core focus is on providing high quality driving simulator solutions to enable human test drivers to be re-introduced into the model based engineering process. rFpro targets the testing of passive and active vehicle dynamics, in particular ADAS, ESP, Autonomous or other systems that interact with a human driver during emergency manoeuvres, or limit-performance handling behaviour.