Since rFpro was first released in 2008 it has been adopted by more than half of the F1 teams, a number of LMP teams and NASCAR manufacturers.  From inception rFpro has focused on delivering driver-in-the-loop solutions targeting vehicle dynamics applications.  All of our early R&D efforts were focused on delivering the lowest possible latency and highest possible video bandwidth.

Digital Circuit Models

We have a comprehensive library of Digital Circuit Models and have licensing arrangements in place for High Definition LiDAR models of most of the race circuits that comprise the senior motorsport calendars (F1, NASCAR, WEC) as well as circuits that are used regularly for testing.  We have been creating accurate high-quality digital circuit models from LiDAR since kinetic scanning became a practical reality in 2008 and have invested heavily in a software tool-chain that creates and validates the models.

For F1 customers wishing to keep up to date with track changes and revisions we offer a Circuit Maintenance contract. We use our best efforts to modify the circuit models based on data made available to us or data that is publicly available. Changes to kerbs, painted lines including DRS lines, track-side furniture including brake and DRS marker boards, changes to barriers and trackside branding on runoffs, barriers, hoardings and gantries are all included in updates.

Terrain Server

Our Terrain Server ensures that you can run sophisticated multi-mode tyre models with sufficient data being passed to the contact patch in real-time. Terrain Server integrates the cleaned LiDAR road surface in real time across all four contact patches. In motorsport it is important that the circuit model captures the road surface accurately and also that it can be validated to ensure the vehicle model is running on the same road surface as the real car. TerrainServer is able to run complete contact patches for all four tyres in real-time on a road surface built and validated over the original point-cloud.

Convincing The Driver

In F1 low latency, high definition graphics and the road surface being fed to the tyre model at a high enough frequency in real-time is vitally important for the driver to feel as immersed as it is possible to be to convince him of the benefits of the simulation. Motorsport teams want to greatly improve the driver's level of immersion and many F1 and NASCAR teams have now identified that rFpro provides it better than they had been achieving themselves. rFpro lets you focus on developing your own vehicle model while we provide the software infrastructure necessary to run driver-in-the-loop vehicle dynamics simulation. It is possible to run either HIL, e.g. Concurrent, dSPACE or vTAG-RT, or SIL running soft real-time (with just +/-25µs jitter) on a PC. Our Systems Integration partners can also deliver complete turn-key solutions including motion platform, multi-channel projection vision systems and audio, incorporating for example the Ansible or MTS-McLaren motion bases, both of whom can offer motorsport-specific implementations.

Fastest Dynamic Response

To be fully effective as an engineering development tool, and useful in supplementing the limited track testing permitted, simulation software must reproduce the track surface in minute detail and respond to dynamic inputs faster than the driver can detect. TerrainServer from rFpro is recognized as the first simulation package to achieve this.